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Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus

At the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School (CHIJ), we offer vocational training for students looking to join the business world or take up further studies in university. Established in 1963, CHIJ is a convent school that provides a safe and healthy environment for students to focus on attaining the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in industry. Our training opens up students to even more career opportunities by providing them with a business curriculum that enhances their fluency in English and equips them with office skills that are practical and competitive.

Our vocational school has provided the marketplace with a steady stream of graduates that are competent, virtuous and caring. We consider the fostering of these traits to be key in the moral development of our graduates, making them a credit to their school and families. We take a holistic approach in our training to ensure the graduates we send out into the world are accomplished and ready to tackle the challenges of life.

We are a girls school that offers a carefully balanced curriculum tailored to meet the demands of the workplace by training our students in key business-related subjects that are essential to the real-world business environment. Graduates are capable of taking up roles in various companies or can opt to further their education by pursuing advanced degrees.

We offer instruction in the English language that is instrumental in better preparing our graduates for the workforce. As an English school, we work hard to ensure our students can fully comprehend the language and speak it fluently. Modern businesses are increasingly adopting English as the main mode of their communications, making it necessary for graduates to gain a fuller understanding of the language and how it applies in the business world.

We offer a 3-year program, at the end of which will see graduates earn a well-recognised secretarial vocational certificate that they can use to join the workforce or carry on to earn an advanced degree at a university of their choice in Thailand or abroad. Our graduates are well-prepared to take up immediate employment and even pursue entrepreneurship.

It is our goal to not just see our students excel in their vocational studies and careers, but also on a personal level. Moral development is a cornerstone of our training as a catholic school. Our students are instilled with a deep sense of meaning and purpose that nurtures them into well rounded spiritual and moral beings. It is our joy to see our students progress and mature into caring, responsible, and virtuous citizens that will live noble and productive lives that are of benefit and credit to their communities and families.

We undertake entrance examinations twice a year, with interviews to follow for successful candidates. These examinations seek to gauge a candidate’s English proficiency and basic math skills. Visit our admissions page to confirm the admission period and make an application for the entrance examination. Check out our FAQ page for answers to some of the commonly asked questions. For further information and queries, click on our contact page to get in touch with us directly.